Wait..STOP...Backup...Your Business

Why on earth would you want to waste time backing up your computers and files? Well that is a very good question. Your business relies on the computers and the files within your computers to track all sorts of client information from addresses to billing statements, and much more. What would you do if your system crashed over night? Would you be able to get back up and running like nothing ever happened? This is where backing up your system comes in handy. The process can run in the background so your users would not even notice. Using a local backup solution at the office is a great start to backing up all your important information. If anything were to happen to your system, the loss would be minimal because you have a backup system in place. The backup system should be checked regularly to ensure that it is running effectively and that there are no issues. Lastly, it is good to have a redundancy in place, and this would be a cloud based backup system. This is a backup of your system and can be downloaded from the cloud. Although this takes a bit more time than restoring the data from a local backup solution, it will yield the same results, with minimal to no business information lost.

NAS hard drive.jpg